Driving 150 mph. Skiing 75 mph

29 October 2009

I like to think that I ski fast and every once in awhile the Summit County Sheriff's Office treats me to a roadside reminder that I tend to drive a bit faster than they'd like, but still I am nowhere in or near Lindsey Vonn's league. 

1. Because she drives 150 mph on the German Autobahn
2. Because she drives 150 mph on the Geramn Autobahn with her Audi RS6
3. Because she skis 75 mph
4. Because she skis 75 mph on some of the steepest and ici-est slopes in the world
5. Because she owns not just 1 cow but 5

And, #6. Because she talked about Numbers 1 through 5 live on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (tonight, Oct. 28) 
If you want to learn more about LV, check out www.lindseyisepic.com or follow her on twitter: @LindseyVonn or fan her on Facebook.



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